Top Five Plant Science Contributions to Society

Plant science contributes significantly to society without most people even knowing. It helps increase food security by preventing crop losses, improving yields and food quality as well as augmenting the nutritional value of staple crops. It aids farmers in their fight against climate change with improved seed varieties that can withstand challenging environmental conditions such as drought and salinity. Plant science also conserves natural resources such as water and soil while making the best of farmland and protecting biodiversity. It stimulates economic development and enhances farmers’ livelihoods. In short, the world hugely benefits from plant science.

Reflecting on 2013 and looking ahead to 2014, here is a look at the top five ways in which plant science helps feed and improve the world:

1) Plant Science Increases Food Production
2) Plant Science Improves Food Quality
3) Plant Science Helps Mitigate Climate Change
4) Plant Science Protects Biodiversity with Best Land Use
5) Plant Science Improves Farmer Livelihoods

Happy New Year!